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Our Organic Farming practices.

 More information coming soon!

   We now own a small 65 acre farm in the hills north-west of Richland Center. The land has not been farmed conventionally for at least 30+ years and needs lots of improvement! But that also meant it had no chemicals or herbicides or pesticides applied for that long either which is great for us! We seeded and fertilized all of our pasture and hay fields this summer and are seeing benefits already!  We look forward to growing most of our feed supplies. The land will be mostly in pasture.

     It has been a tough year! It was so extremely dry we only got about 1/4 of the hay we normally would have. So we're having to buy hay and it is expensive! Never saw it this dry before! But animals did well. Except our turkeys ended up some smaller than we expected, sorry! We do need to re-imburse those that didn't get the weight you expected. {Once our checks come in.} 

    Another change we needed to make, is that we need to add a processing fee on poultry because processing fees have doubled in the last year. Sorry! Poultry prices stayed basically the same, although we dropped some.

    Here is a customer review: 
    Every winter, we purchase a poultry share from Valley View Organic Farm in Richland Center. Their animals are pastured and fed organic feed - and the meat is flavorful and so nourishing. Looking for a trustworthy source for local meat - beef, pork, chicken, turkey, or lamb? Check out them out!  * Meadowlark Community Farm  {check them out for organically raised vegetables! }

    We still have our customers fill out and sign an order sheet in December for next year's order and send it to us with payment through regular mail or email. We do offer the privilege of paying with a credit card thru PayPal. Or order & pay on this website! Choose the pay by check option and mail check to: Aaron Sommers, 23490 Antioch Lane, Richland Center, WI 53581.

   We only sell pre-paid meat! We are not licensed to sell meat after it has been processed. We take it to the processor and you call in your meat order and pay him.{We are designing packages that you can choose from so that you can just choose from those and we give your choice to the processer and that is what you get.} We then deliver it to you or you can pick it up.

   We raise your animals only on certified organic feed and sustainably grown pasture. We used to be certified Organic but not longer do that as our customers do not think we need to. We actually plan to become certified again now that we own our own land.

   We have been doing this for 6+ years now and keep learning more ways to do a better job at it all the time! We love customer in-put as it helps us do a better job!
  We take our pigs to a processor that uses a natural celery powder cure. He does not use chemical nitrites. Our customers say he makes the best ham and bacon they've ever had and I agree with them! He also makes good sausage! He is a Mennonite man and we trust him.

  Send us an email to for an order/price sheet to order and sign a contract! Or order on this website!  Choose the pay by check option and mail check to: Aaron Sommers, 23490 Antioch Lane, Richland Center, WI 53581.

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