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Processing Information

     We take our poultry to Greenwood Meadows to be processed. We like that they do a good job!


   We take the pigs to Martin's Meat Processing in Thorp, WI. They are Old order Mennonites that have done it for quite some time and are unmatched in the way they process and smoke the pork, especially the hams and bacon! We let you know when to call them and place your processing order and then you pay them for that. Then we pick up the meat and bring it home and we deliver it or you pick it up. We either pay you for the difference in hanging weight or you pay us if it's more than the designated/paid dressed weight. Our customers say they have the best bacon and ham they ever had. But if you choose you may get your pig and take it wherever you prefer...


   Our beef and lamb we get a local Amish guy to come out and kill them and take them to his licensed processing facility. We let you know when to call him and place your order for processing. You can then pay him when you pick up the meat or mail him payment and we can pick it up and deliver it to you. 

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