We raise Red Wattle  heritage pigs on pasture and certified organic feed. We try to keep them in a good pasture because they love good grass and clover! We also try to feed open-pollinated corn when possible as they like it better and it is higher in protein and minerals. Non-GMO, no pesticides, herbicides and chemicals used ever!

Pastured Pork (185 lbs)

SKU: Order now for 2021!
  • 185# Pastured   Pork {Dressed Weight}        

    Paid by January 1, 2020                                          $2.85

    Paid after January 1, 2020                                       $3.10

    ( You call the butcher and give him directions on how you want your meat and pay him. We then deliver the pig to him and then pick up the meat and deliver it to you. Or you may pick it up yourself. 

     The butcher we use uses a natural celery cure instead of chemical nitrates and our customers say he makes the best ham they've ever tasted. He is a Mennonite man and is easy to work with!)

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