We raise our chickens on grass and certified organic feed. We keep them moved so that they always have nice grass and clover to eat! 

Pastured Broilers ( 4 lbs)

SKU: Order now for next year
  • Pastured chicken     Paid before January 1 & After January 1

    4#   BBQ Broiler                                         $3.65/lb              $3.85/lb

    5.5# Regular Broiler                                    $3.10/lb              $3.50/lb

    6.5# Large Broiler                                       $3.15/lb              $3.25/lb


    CSA MEAT SPECIAL   220+ lbs of meat!

    28 Regular Broilers, 2 White turkeys & 1 Red Bourbon turkey

                                                                       $680                   $722                                                                                $3.09/lb             $3.28/lb

    Meat special may be changed to fit your needs!


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