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 Check out the Small & Medium Family Specials! Time to order & sign-up for next year's meat supply is now!

We are taking orders now for 2024. Be sure to get your order in while we still have openings! Sorry that we had to add processing fees to the chickens, but they have doubled so we are keeping prices about the same.  **Delivery charge will be 10%. Pick-up is welcome.

Valley View Grassfed Farm  Call 920-883-7096 or email:

We raise our animals on sustainably farmed pasture and feed only certified organic grain. Our goal is to pasture as much as possible to take advantage of the health benefits of green grass for our animals and us! We only do CSA-custom meat raising where you tell us-preferably in December of the previous year-what you want and you pre-pay us and we then raise them for you the next year. Send us an email or call us with any questions! ** Prices for poultry  are  plus processing.


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